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Criminal Law

In the area of criminal law, our action is preformed in all courts at national level and in all the procedures in which our clients can be involved, whether they are charged/investigated or the victims of a crime, and they want to lodge a complaint or criminal complaint.

In particular, our services would include the following areas of action:

  • – Crimes against life
  • – Crimes against freedom
  • – Crimes against moral integrity
  • – Crimes against privacy and intimacy
  • – Crimes against honor
  • – Crimes against family relations
  • – Crimes against the heritage and against the socialeconomic order
  • – Crimes involving illegal financement of political parties
  • – Crimes against civilian treasury and against social security
  • – Crimes against the workers’rights
  • – Crimes against the rights of the foreign people
  • – Crimes relating to spacial and urban planning,
    the rights of the land and protection of historical – heritage and the environment
  • – Crimes against public security
  • – Crimes of falsehood
  • – Crimes against the public administration and justice administration
  • – Crimes against the Constitution
  • – Crimes against public order
  • – Crimes against the State
  • – Crimes against the peace or independence of the State
  • – Crimes against the national community


Rights of Minors

The rights of minors defend the minors’ interest in all criminal proceedings in which they are immersed. The defense is carried out from a constructive point of view, accompanying the child and the family throughout the procedure. Providing, if necessary, specialized psychological support. The added value of dealing with legal controversy with active psychological support focuses on the fact that, at any point in the process, legal action can be supplemented with repair tools for the child and the family.

The will to defend minors from an integrative perspective is in line, both with Law 5/2000 regulating the Criminal Liability of Minors, and with the Jurisprudence of the General Council of the Judiciary to lead its guidelines towards the Therapeutic Justice.