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Traffic, Civil Liability and Insurance Law

In the areas above, we provide advice, defence and claims for damages suffered in the field of civil liability in general and, in particular, those related to traffic law. Specifically, our services cover the following areas


Traffic Law

  • — Monitoring of the medical process including providing timely advice; hiring the services of a qualified medical expert in the assessment of bodily harm and, where appropriate, a qualified expert in accident reconstruction.
  • — Responding to offers from the insurance company of the implicated vehicle and conducting negotiations with the same to work towards an extrajudicial solution of the matter; management of instalments paid on account of the principal.
  • — Claiming against the Insurance Compensation Consortium or companies representing foreign companies in case of accidents caused by unknown, stolen or foreign vehicles.
  • — Claiming against individuals for accidents involving bicycles, electric scooters or similar; examining the client's vehicle insurance policy and legal defence coverage.
  • — Acting as defence or private prosecutor in cases of crimes relating to Road Safety before the criminal justice system and corresponding claims against public property.

Civil Liability

  • — Feasibility study of viability in cases of civil liability such as damage caused by domestic animals, falls on public roads, responsibility in the field of construction, responsibility in the health field, etc.
  • — Recruitment of experts and legal defence before the civil, criminal and administrative litigation jurisdictions as a claimant or a party being claimed against.


  • — Studying insurance policies and claims, judicial or extrajudicial, against the insurance company in cases of civil liability, accident, disability or life insurance policies.
  • — Providing defence in cases of disputed coverage and offers of reimbursement by insurance companies.