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Antoni Botey Sedó

Bachelor of Law from the University of Barcelona and member of the Bar Association of Barcelona.

Started his career in July 1994 as a lawyer in the offices of Xiol, Miracle, Foret i Associats Advocats, under the direct supervision of the lawyer D. Joan Mª Xiol i Quingles.

In November 2013, became partner at Xiol Advocats Associats, S.L.P.

Joined Acordia ACR in January 2018.

From the beginning of his career, he has specialised in traffic, insurance and civil liability law. Including medical responsibility, and with extensive experience in front of civil, criminal and administrative litigation jurisdictions. He is an external lawyer for the motorway licensees of the Abertis group in the province of Barcelona and for the legal defence company ARAG. He has also worked for a number of insurance companies as a lawyer specialising in traffic issues.

Languages: Catalan / Spanish / English

Practice Areas: Traffic, Civil Liability and Insurance Law