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Intellectual Property

In collaboration with Barceló Lawyers, a comprehensive advisory service is offered in the area of Industrial and Intellectual Property.
From defining the optimal strategy registered protection of intangible assets, through implementation and management of such coverage, to regulate the contractual part of business which these assets can be involved and finally, perform the procedural defense of any conflict in that they can be immersed in.


We provide professional services in the following areas:

  • — Legal advice on Intellectual Property and Advertising (eg, producers, publishers, advertising, agencies ...)
  • — Legal feasibility study and definition of strategy (offensive / defensive) in cases of infringement
  • — Legal Audit in Industrial Property: portfolio optimization intangible assets
  • — Assistance in the preparation of Due Diligence
  • — Legal analysis of intangible assets in connection with transfer pricing
  • — Registration of intangible assets at national, international and community levels
  • — Administrative Procedures for the registration viability of intangible assets and contesting ownership rights of third parties
  • — Technology transfer: license/transfer of rights
  • — License Agreements/assignment of trademarks and designs
  • — Cooperation agreements with research centres and universities
  • — Confidentiality Agreements
  • — Advertising and sponsorship contracts
  • — Judicial and extrajudicial proceedings of infringement of Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition acts before national and Community courts

In conclusion, we take responsibility for the needs of the creator / inventor may have regarding intellectual property.