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Litigation and Arbitration

Regarding litigation and recourse to the courts or tribunals, our services include the defense and representation of our client's interest in any litigation process, as witness or as defendant, in relation to civil, penal, administrative or mercantile claims.


In particular, our services would include the following procedures:

  • — Defense before courts and tribunals of crime procedures being pursued against our clients for presumptive criminal acts regarding people, fortunes, public health and, in general, for any criminal claim, in any phase of the criminal procedure. Defense in corporation and environment offences and public and political offences
  • — Representation and assistance in civil litigation, in all its proceedings and for issues such as real estate rent, family law, inheritance and mortgages
  • — Representation and assistance in bankruptcy procedures, defending debtors, as witnesses, preparing and filing the voluntary insolvency claim, or defending creditors, claiming for the necessary insolvency for the debtor and their managers
  • — Representation and assistance of public and private entities in public and administrative proceedings